Mystic Apatite & Gemstone Necklace

The colors in this necklace remind us of the ocean. A rough cut Mystic Apatite teardrop hangs between a beautiful white rice pearl and aqua chalcedony briolette. 14K gold filled & adjustable to 16-18".
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Every j.mills piece begins & ends with Juli herself resulting in classic, timeless pieces crafted with care. And the care Juli puts into her craft is passed from her hands to the pieces themselves and carries over to the person wearing them. So when you put on a J. Mills piece you not only feel a sense of beauty, confidence & harmony, but also the care that went into making it.

From bench blocks to mandrels, hand files to rawhide mallets, Juli & her artisans choose the right tool for the job to simplify their jewelry down to its essence. 

Everything in the studio is handcrafted because they've learned that when the approach begins with a great deal of care, the right answer always reveals itself.

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