Kitchen without Borders

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The Kitchen Without Borders is a special kind of cookbook. In it, chefs from around the world – all part of Eat Offbeat, a catering company staffed by immigrants & refugees who have found a new home & new hope through cooking- offer up to 70 authentic, surprising, nourishing recipes.

The food has roots that run as deep as its flavors, celebrating the culinary traditions of Syria, Iran, Eritrea, Venezuela, & more. Discover Iraqi Biryani, a rice dish combining vegetables & plump dried fruits with warming spices. Chari Bari, hand formed meatballs simmered in Nepali- spiced tomato & cashew sauce. Iranian rice with garbanzos, Sri Lankan curry dhal, & Manchurian cauliflower straight from the Himalayas.

Intimate chef profiles & photographic portraits-offers a glimpse into the journey of displaced people & highlights the profound link between food & home.

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